Regardless of your personal financial state, everyone can benefit from taking stock of what stability means for you. It can be tough and uncomfortable to sit down and look at the numbers, especially if you know you’re in debt.

We think of it this way, no matter how unpleasant it may be to look at now, you are saving yourself from more unplesasntness later.

Here at IPPA, we can help you understand where you are going wrong with you own habits. We help our clients by understanding and tracking their spending right down to their 9am coffee run. It forces our clients to think about their spending a little bit more, which then makes them more aware of how they are spending. We suggest to even write down everything you spend to give every transaction a sense of tangibility.


Whether you are newly married, a graduate or a retiree looking to maximize your money, we all want our money to work for us.

Many people have the understanding and belief that financial planning is only for the wealthy, but it is important to sit back and reflect on your own individual circumstances and understanding your long-term goals.

Many people generally have 3 propiries in life, they want to be debt-free, they want to have an emergency reserve fund sitting in an account and they want to maximize their retirement account. Once you have those figured out, with our help with our customised plans of how to get there, the real fun of growing your wealth starts to begin.

Here at IPPA we act as a mediator as we understand money can be emotional, we want to help bridge the gap. Life events like graduating from college, getting married and buying property, are all great times to start thinking about your financial future, but there is no wrong time.