Tax Minimisation Strategies

We leverage your property investment expenses against your tax liabilities to maximise your tax benefits.

Market Insights

We provide a comprehensive report detailing our recommended properties, with a market analysis, rental appraisals, and all of the information that you need to confidently make a decision.

Ongoing support

We’re also in it with you for the long haul – from ongoing support for your first investment through to the purchase of your third or even fourth.

Drawback guarantee

If you do not proceed with a property purchase, we guarantee that you will not be out of pocket.

Effective strategies to reduce debt and income tax

We leverage your property investment expenses against your tax liabilities which allows us to maximise your tax benefits. Australia has many advantageous regulations that allow you to deduct the borrowing and maintenance costs associated with your investment property from your total income.

How we do it

We are experts in a process called negative gearing which can offer investors certain tax benefits if the cost of the investment exceeds the income it produces. So while you are making a loss on the property, that loss can be used to reduce the tax on your other earnings. In this situation you would also expect the property to appreciate in value over time which would outweigh the short-term financial losses. How you choose to structure the ownership of your investment can also affect your tax liabilities. We’ll ensure the most tax efficient structure for your individual circumstances such as using trusts or superannuation funds.


Are you ready to enjoy financial freedom?

Our experienced team can help you to achieve  financial freedom and a stress-free retirement.

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