Last week I discussed why self-doubt is so limiting, yet so common that even AFL legend Simon Black admitted to feeling it in the early days of his career. 

What’s one of the best ways to avoid self-doubt? Well, that was one topic I discussed recently with Jessica Reynolds, a successful town planner.

She shared lots of valuable insights through her story, but there was one thing in particular that really stood out for me – the importance of learning.

For the past six years Jessica has been running a successful business. But before she struck out on her own, she spent years becoming an expert in her field.

While she was getting her town planning degree, she found a job at a boutique planning firm in Brisbane. In the beginning she mostly did admin-type work; a position she was well suited for at the time. 

However, Jessica didn’t intend to stay in that role. Passionate about becoming a town planner, she regularly encouraged her superiors to give her more responsibility. Jessica gained valuable real-world experience alongside her studies. 

When she got her degree, she started working as an internal town planner at an architecture firm. 

Armed with a plethora of knowledge gathered, Jessica made a bold move that paid off. She left the firm and started her own business. 6 years later, she’s never looked back. 

What can we learn from Jessica? – That learning is the key. 

Always be eager to learn. By increasing your knowledge, you increase your confidence that you can make the right decisions at the right time. 

In the property world there are few things as important as knowledge. Every investor worth their salt would credit constant learning as the cornerstone of their success. And the best part of all is, you don’t have to do it on your own. I, and the team at IPP Australia, are ready to share our knowledge with you.

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