Many Australian millennials believe that it will be impossible to buy a property in today’s current real estate market, however it is still very much a reality. So instead of questioning if it’s possible, consider how it can be possible.

Although millennials are often criticised for their impulsive spending habits, avocado on toast is one of our favourite examples of living beyond your means but the real truth is, it IS possible for millennials to have financial freedom and an impressive property portfolio in your 20’s.

At IPPA, we help our clients by giving the information on where to put your money and how to make better financial decisions and how to efficiently grow your portfolio. Most importantly, we know and understand the market and we pride ourselves on reviewing various properties in high growth areas to to find out which ones are most profitable.

Hare some of our tips below:


Study the Australian real estate market and do your research to understand things like your target price range and various property prices. Make the real estate market something you feel excited about, read property news and learn about areas which are thriving. The more you understand the concepts of property investment, the more confident you will be with taking risks and investing your money.


Finding a mentor that you can trust and who has experience in taking risks and reaching their own personal wealth and property goals is key. Pick someone that you can relate to and who knows what it’s like to be young and in your financial position.

We create investment strategies for our clients tailored to their specific situation and goals. If you are looking for someone who started early, it is a good idea to speak to our Director Michael Pell who bought his first property at the age of 18 and he is still growing his portfolio today!


We know how it gets, its easy to delay everything and investing in property may be the last thing you feel like sitting down and putting time into because you still think you have a lot of time to do it… If you want to be financially free, you should start while you are more flexible and you don’t have a lot of responsibilities…yet!  Even if you are worried you’re not on the right income to do it yet, believe you can do it and get started today! Our team would love to chat with you over a coffee today and help you out.

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