What do we really do?

We often get asked what we do, and what makes us different. With so many people trying to make a quick buck from investment properties, people can be suspicious of people like us, who offer our services helping you to find the right investment.

So, what makes us different? Well, here at IPP Australia see the people in the equation, not just the potential dollar signs above their heads. Whilst we recommend that investing in property is not an emotional decision, we know that the reasons behind investing in a property and wanting to be financial free often are personal, and can indeed be emotional.

We’d like to share a story behind one of our clients who recently made an investment – Sarah and Terry, from Sydney.


Now THAT’s what makes us different.


So, what do Sarah and Terry say?

We first made the leap of faith when I got a phone call about an investment group. My husband had been talking about it for a while so they said they would set up a meeting with us at our home.

We were surprised to see a friendly face at the door; Michael. He sat down with us, answered all our questions, wasn’t pushy, let us think about our options and also worked with our broker at the time to figure out if it was even possible to get an investment. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best time, as we had to get our finances in order. Michael kept in contact with us the whole time.. not in a pushy way but to just check if we needed anything

In the end we actually changed brokers and went with Michaels recommendation, Gavin. Since hiring Gavin he had sorted out finances and we were able to invest. Michael and Gavin work so well together to get you the information you need, the honest answers, never pushy and also helpful…. We call Michael anytime we have a query and he is always very helpful and informative always putting our minds at ease.

Investing is a huge leap of faith, and you don’t take that lightly as there are so many fakes and scammers that just want your money. The team at IPP Australia are the real deal and only want to see us profit..

Thanks to Michael and the team they made it happen and we now have started a portfolio for our future, our place was a rented out within weeks with no drama.