It’s time to meet the man behind IPP Australia – Michael Pell. Based in Sydney, Michael is passionate about many things, but his true loves in life are property, people, AFL and surfing attempting to surf. We sat down and got personal with Michael, otherwise known as Pelly or Sydney’s greatest property investor.*

*We might be biased.

Why property?

My dad was in real estate for over 30 years in Perth – I can remember going around with him to his appointments from the age of four. So, you could say it’s in the blood! I got my real estate ticket at 18, and after five years as a radio jockey I got seriously into real estate. Since then, I’ve helped over 1000 individuals, couples and families purchase a property, which is something I’m really proud of.

My own first property purchase was back in 2003, when I was 24 (let’s move on quickly before you do the maths!), and it was a house and land package in Abbey Waters in beautiful Busselton in Western Australia. As my first home, it gave me good equity to allow me to keep investing into further properties from there, and build a property portfolio across Australia. It hasn’t always been a smooth road, and I’ve definitely learnt a few lessons the hard way. The biggest mistake I ever made was not doing enough research on the property and buying based off my emotions and my heart – not my head. This cost me big time, and it was this mistake that triggered to me create IPP Australia (read more here about why we’re passionate about removing emotions from the investment equation) – I wanted to help people find the right properties for them, based on up to date, relevant research that focuses on IPP Australia’s four key elements for property growth: economic growth, infrastructure, demographics and population growth.


What exactly do you do at IPP Australia, and which kinds of clients do you help?

I’m the person there throughout the whole property investment journey. From helping clients with their goal setting, confirming and consolidating their finances, to preparing a detailed, customised investment strategy. I guide clients from start to finish of a property investment purchase, all the way until completion and getting the property rented out.

I do this with all types of clients, everyone from first home-buyers to retirees. Our core market would probably be people in the 40-60 age bracket, but we help anyone and anyone. Many of our clients are often hesitant to come to us because they either think it’s too early to be thinking about investing in property, or they feel like it’s too late and they’ve “missed the boat” – both of which are generally completely untrue! It’s never too late or too early to get your finances in order and set yourself up for an easy retirement.

As much as of course this is my job and provides an income for me, I genuinely enjoy helping people get their finances on track and relieving them of financial pressures by putting the right strategy in place, for them. It’s honestly so rewarding to help people achieve their goals! This inspiration comes from my lovely mother – who, at 81 years of age, gets up everyday and gets on the road to help kids learn music, which has been her passion all her life. She has an amazing attitude and says that music is the best therapy, and is living proof that it is! To love what you do means that work will never feel like work, and I feel like this is the greatest part of IPP Australia.


What makes IPP Australia different?

The biggest point of difference we can provide is that we are not a ‘one size fit’s all’ outfit. We take the time to really get to know our clients – their current financial and personal situation, their goals, and their timeline – and use this to tailor an individualised investment strategy. This includes the financial place, the property type, the location, ensuring that all are the best fit for the client. Other property investment firms just assist you to purchase a property, but all of our clients walk away with a customised ten year financial plan, and the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve got their back.


A few quick questions…

Where would your dream property purchase be?

A holiday house overlooking the ocean in Byron Bay!

What’s a ‘boring’ savings tip that has really helped you over the years?

Have a forced saving – like a mortgage – to keep you on track. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to save (as most of us know!).

If not property, what would your dream career be?

Probably an AFL football commentator! My friends might disagree but I always think I’ve got the right call (thanks umpire!).