Funding Your Retirement Through Property Investments

Are you unsure of how to use property investments to set you up for your retirement?

As experts in helping our clients plan for their future, here are our top tips:

Seek Professional Advice

We have had many clients come to us unsure of how many investment properties they would need for a comfortable future. Many of these people in the past haven’t had the right advice from professionals like us who can help them with things such as failing to plan for tax, unforeseen costs and superannuation.

For many people looking to build their property portfolio, using the equity in their existing home to buy an investment property is the first logical step. Having an investment property carefully selected by us and holding this investment for a certain amount of time means your capital will grow.

Start thinking about retirement today

Many people don’t think about retirement until after the age of 45, but they could have done a lot more before then. One investment property is not enough. With our guidance and research into top performing Australian suburbs, we can help you grow your investment property portfolio plus your own home, debt free.

Our plans are carefully organised and researched suited entirely to you, we do the strategic planning for you, mapping it out financially, calculating how much money you’ll need over time and we make sure you can comfortably service your loans.

People don’t often reach their financial retirement goals because of a lack of long-term planning. This means that once you reach retirement, it will be too late. The sooner you start planning, the easier it will be.

Knowing where to buy

The best place to buy property depends on your investment goals and smart research into high growth areas. If you’re after capital growth, we suggest considering high-population metropolitan areas that offer consistent property demand. If you are after higher rental yields, we say you should be looking in regional areas that can offer more positive cash flow properties.

Our individual plans for our clients map out highly researched areas of high growth potential and healthy housing demand, including the tenant vacancy rate which can ensure that your investment property will provide you with sufficient capital growth and rental income over the long-term.

Our team is constantly researching and exploring new locations as well as different types of investment properties that are bought off the plan.

Call us today to organise your free consultation and start looking forward to your future now!