We all know that going down any wealth-creation road isn’t easy. Be it a business, property, or any other endeavour, it takes a great deal of courage and hard work.

This is something I recently talked about with Jessica Reynolds, a town planner who’s had her own business for six years. After working at several companies, Jessica took a leap of faith and struck out on her own. She admitted that it wasn’t easy, but there’s no doubt in her mind that it was worth it.

What does striking out on your own look like? Well, there’s an analogy that I like to use as it describes it perfectly.

Working for someone else is like being an inside cat. You have your milk and Whiskas handed to you on a plate, but in return, your ‘owners’ do make a lot of the decisions that impact you daily.

When you decide to strike out on your own, you suddenly become an outside cat. There’s no more cuddles or sitting around – you now have to go out there and hunt. But you also have freedom.

That’s why some people choose to become outside cats – because you get to go anywhere and do anything you want! Yes, the risks are all yours, but so are the rewards.

At 25, Jessica decided it was time for her to become an outside cat. She couldn’t rely on her family or others to support her, especially in the financial sense. Instead, she had to stand on her own two feet from day one. She told me that the first couple of years were definitely a challenge, but once she adapted to being an outside cat, she’s never looked back. She gets to decide what she does with her day, the decisions that impact her business are hers to make and she can shape her own lifestyle.

Being an outside cat isn’t just about entrepreneurship. As an investor, you can enjoy the same freedom, becoming an outside cat by going beyond the boundaries of an owner-occupier dwelling. Successful property investment expands your horizons and allows you more scope to tailor your lifestyle.

If you’re ready to become an outside cat, book a discovery call today – we’re here to help.

Whether you ultimately decide to proceed on your own or not, this strategy session is one investment that you shouldn’t question.